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Blair Robotics Inspiring Cub Scouts; CSDC 2016


A member of the team presenting at CSDC

Students from The Blair Robot Project attended the Potomac District Cub Scout Day Camp (CSDC) on Thursday, July 28th from 9:45 am – 3:00 pm. Each of the five sessions had three components. Cub scouts first got to discover how the things they love, such as video gaming and building, were all related to engineering. We talked about the design, prototyping, and fabricating processes of machining and then discussed the general structure of FIRST FRC. Cub scouts then got the chance to drive the robot and ask questions about robotics. We gave them a goal to drive the robot from the center of the field towards a makeshift goal. Once at the goal, they had to shoot the ball between the two bars. Towards the end of each session, we disabled the robot and allowed the cub scouts to get a closer look at the bottom and top of the robot. We taught them about pneumatics and drive sims. 449 understands the value of finding a passion for things at an early age. We were ecstatic to see children aged 7-12 discovering their interests in robotics and asking some very important questions.

While some members were engaging with the cub scouts, others were talking to parents about how to get involved in robotics. We shared with them the benefits of joining a robotics team and told them how the benefits outweigh the benefits of joining a Varsity sport. We discussed with them our journey and how robotics is not just about engineering. Robotics is about communication and organization. At a young age, students can learn administrative, logistical, and financial skills as being part of a robotics team. Thanks to Ryan Tse, who is a mentor at CSDC, 449 got the wonderful opportunity to inspire.


Cub scouts watching ROUS in action


A cub scout learning how to drive the robot. Look how curious he looks!


Another eager participant learning the controls.


Having fun with the robot!

No event is complete without a team photo!

No event is complete without a team photo!

Ankitha Durvasula • 2016-07-30

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