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Blair Robotics teams up with Walt Whitman Robotics: KID Museum 2016

On July 16th, 2016 the Blair Robot Project partnered with Walt Whitman Robotics and traveled to the KID Museum, located in the basement of the Davis public library. At the event, kids had the opportunity to try driving both the robots made by Blair and Whitman. Members of the Blair Robotic Project such as now graduated senior Aaron Szabo helped kids design and construct new creations using Lego Mindstorms kits. A row of computers were laid out in the middle of the room, each preloaded with the programming language called Scratch. Many children took advantage of them, creating their own games and developing their computer science skills. Kids not only learned new programming skills, but also practiced engineering skills by learning how to use power tools such as hand drills. Overall, it was a very successful event filled with curiosity, fun, and learning.  

Ankitha Durvasula • 2016-07-16

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