First Meeting


We had our first official meeting of the season! After nearly two weeks of recruitment, we had an awesome turnout from students both inside and outside of the magnet programs at Blair. Before 4:30, upper Leadership presented on the team, along with brief introductions from each of our subteam leaders. The rookies then broke off into small groups to explore the various subteams, and I had a good time getting to know some of them and their names. After 4:30, we still had about 10 rookie members, and our various subteams tasked them with various activities. Electronics worked on soldering and basic CAD skills, Mechanics worked on building a squirrel trap and using the machines, Programming worked on learning the ropes of the computers and our organizational system, and Business started to bond over various team and personal stories. Some of our veterans worked on creating our Back-to-School Night poster, where we will be providing information on the club and each of its subteams. Make sure to come out and join us if possible!

Signing off,