Bunnybots FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions!

What will the schedule look like?

This year's schedule can be found here.

Will food be provided?

Snacks and drinks will be sold at the concessions stands during the event, but teams should make their own arrangements for lunch. We will be offering fixed price lunches for any attendees who would like to purchase it. There are some good restaurants nearby in the 4 Corners Shopping Center across the street from Blair. A map of this area can be found here.

How do load-in and load-out work?

The entry door is 64” wide by 93” tall, with a 1.5” tall bump in the middle of the door. This is the largest entrance available for load-in and load-out. We ask that all teams enter and exit through the Colesville side of the building, near the track.

What will the building layout be?

We will be holding Bunnybots in the Blair gymnasium, with concessions right beside the gym and bathrooms nearby. Lunch should be eaten in the SAC, on the opposite side of the school. Maps of the school can be found here.

How large are the pits?

Pits are 10 feet square, with no height limit (other than the roof, which is 70’). In addition, if a team would like a table for their pit, please request one in advance by emailing us at blair.robot@gmail.com

Will FMS be used at this event?

We will not be using FMS during this event, but will be using a version of the VEX system. Teams do not need to do anything for the event aside from ensuring a working driver station with the Driver Station App installed.

Will there be wifi at this event?

There will be wifi at the event (MCPSGuest network), but it is somewhat slow and a public network. If you need a faster connection or a secure network, please ask an event volunteer.

Can I help with resources?

Since we are not an official FIRST event we won’t have as many spares and resources, so please bring plenty of spare parts, batteries and safety glasses! In addition, we would appreciate any totes, fuel and bunnies you can provide.