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(February 1st): Fast Progress!

Our goal is to have a fully functional 2017 robot with gear handler and climber by the end of Thursday, February 2. Before we started the work week, we listed a few deliverables. Deliverables are our way of setting achievable, detailed goals.

Our functional robot by the end of Thursday should have a camera feed with a quick update time, tested and finished gear handler, a finalized installed electronics board, mounted bumper superstructure, and a completed and integrated pneumatics system. This seemed like a challenge for the team Sunday afternoon.

 IMG_2517-compressor (1) IMG_2555-compressor (2) (1)

Tuesday afternoon, the gear handler project team created another passive mechanism as a keep safe, in case the current one cracks or breaks during competition. The gear handler team has also done a lot of testing regarding the passive mechanism. They saw that if two fuel cells were placed into the box, they would get stuck. Any more than two could get shaken out of the box, however the last two would most likely remain wedged side-by-side in the box. After removing one fuel using the peg, the driver, Naveen Durvasula, was able to shake the remaining one into the center of the box, and then out of the box. They concluded that they need to think about any sort of structural changes to make to the box that would force the fuel cells into the box, so that they can subsequently be shaken out of the box.

At the end of the meeting, Wednesday afternoon, the climber was installed onto the drive frame, in addition to the intake system. The electronics subteam was fast at work, still mounting the talons to what is a highly complex board this year. Finally, drive added some final touches to the drive frame. They drilled the holes where the superstructure would be mounted,  installed all the wheels, belts, cams, and encoders, and drilled angular pieces into the frame so that the electronics board could be mounted.

Regarding cameras, they are entirely dependent on the location of the sensors so that is still left to be decided.

Early Frame Early-Frame-2-compressor (1) (1)

Now the team no longer has a rectangular frame on wheels, but an actual robot!

Robot-CAD-compressor (1)

Joshua Yuan, with help from CAD subteam leader, William Wang, mentor Gordon Franken, and many others have near a finished CAD. 

-Urjita Das

Urjita Das • 2017-02-01

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