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Greater DC District Event (Week 2)

On March 10 and 11, Team 449 traveled to Hayfield Secondary School in Alexandria, VA to compete in their first event of the 2018 season.

Many students went down on March 9 to set up the pits and make some last minute adjustments to the robot. The pre-inspection 449 attended a few weeks prior helped a lot because the team actually passed inspection the first time through, with the robot weighing 110.7 pounds. Surgical tubing as added to the intake, the bumpers were fixed a little bit, and the regulator on the robot was swapped. Motion profiling was also done on the elevator.

Saturday morning, students arrived bright and early to cheer on the team. The Chairman’s group gave a fantastic presentation to the judges, receiving positive feedback they will use at the Week 4 event.

During the day, the elevator encountered some serious resistance problems that made it difficult to lift the carriage. The drive team turned around quickly and still helped out their alliances by strategically defending the scale and switch against opponents and pushing cubes into the vault. The pit crew quickly realized there was bolt interference with the elevator belts; placing plates to help with different issues on the robot helped significantly improve performance. The team ended the day with a 4-4 record.

Sunday was a turnaround for the team, with several more wins and impressive elevator performances. The pit crew and the drive team worked seamlessly to deliver some of the best matches Navi had yet seen. Ultimately, 449 ended up being the second pick of the seventh alliance, along with Team 4505 (McDonough Robotics) and Team 5587 (Titan Robotics). Team 449 delivered many cubes during the first two quarterfinals matches, but the alliance fell 18 points short in the second quarterfinals match to push for a third match.

During both days of the event, 449 members could be found cheering and waving flags in the stands, walking around the pits to visit teams, and talking enthusiastically with judges. The scouting team worked to track information about every single match and each robot in order to give the drive team crucial match strategy information.

With all the lessons the team learned this past weekend, they will prioritize their open bag time and meetings before the Week 4 event to improve as best as possible.

Laura Espinoza • 2018-03-18

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