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(October 21st) iROC

On October 21, 2017, the Blair Robot Project carted off to Battlefield High School in Virginia to participate in iROC.

iROC is our third and final offseason competition, and is hosted by Team 1885, ILITE.

We had some great team spirit and a great show of support. During two qualification matches, we were held in place by a battery issue. But right after we fixed our technical parts, the competitions went smoothly!

We ended up as the first pick for the 8th alliance (Team 1086 Blue Cheese).

One of our big accomplishments at this battle was the implementation of our new scouting and data analysis app, Tableau!  Scouts were using our new app on the kindles, with a handful of people doing data analysis through Tableau, a few people doing match strategy, and two lobbyists all in action.

Even though we weren’t at the top of most of our charts, we lobbied with what we had. We distributed graphs to the top teams and made sure that they knew we had a fantastic fourth match and had fixed our previous technical problems.

A few teams even came up to our members partway through the day and asked if we were going to post our data soon. A few others came up and asked us if they could have one of our papers with the graphs on it.

By giving out and posting the graphs at another competition, we further established our team as “that team with the cool graphs and data”!

iROC was another fun and invigorating experience for the Blair Robot Project, and we add another success to the bag!

Victoria Xin • 2017-12-07

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