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(March 19th): Greater DC District Event

On March 11th and 12th, the team had their first district event. The Week 2 Greater DC Event was held at Walt Whitman High School. This was the second year in a row that the team had been in attendance and the first time that the team met Woodie Flowers in person! Woodie Flowers was so sweet and took the time to tell the team how to carry gracious professionalism into their future careers.


IMG_3934-compressor (1) IMG_0786-(2)-compressor (1)

Check out the LEDs on Calcifer!

The team had an early start at 8:00 am. The drivers, Naveen and Ryan, took advantage of the practice field before their first practice match with Team 2914 and Team 102. The team had their first qualification match at 11:00 am with Team 2964 and Team 4464, and lost with a score 170-145.

The rest of the scores can be found below.

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We earned our 1st ranking point as we tied the Wheaton HS Silver Knights (5115) and Falcon First (4099) from Poolesville HS.

In almost every match we managed to climb. Throughout our successes there were also shortfalls. Multiple times the gear would fall off the peg. To fix this problem, we spent all of week three improving our passive gear so that it was now active and able to fully place the gear on the peg. This would help increase our rate of retrieving gears and lower the chances of the gear falling off the peg.

Calcifer managed to show redemption by receiving 2 ranking points and winning 170-165 against 1727, 6543, and 3389. Throughout the game, Calcifer did gear placement as auto. Although we consistently did not manage to place the gear in the rotor, it was a good effort to watch our robot drive forward from the middle position.

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Our team spirit was extravagant! We cheered both ourselves and other teams!

All of our matches consisted of retrieving and delivering gears. We managed to deliver 2-5 gears per game depending on how easily the pilot managed to remove the gears from the mechanism. However our performance wasn’t good enough to be ranked highly at the end of the day.

We were ranked 25th, with an over all 4-7-1, win-loss-tie score. We were chosen by the 5th seed, with alliance captain 4464, Team Illusion. For the third member of our group, we chose team 1727, Rex Robotics. The first round of eliminations is always known as quarterfinals. We lost our first quarter final match 250-215, won our second quarter final match, 160-145, and lost our last quarter final match 305-215. Although we were eliminated in the first round of finals matches, we grew so much as a team and knew exactly what we needed to do to improve.


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During our matches, we were constantly switching bumper colors between red and blue!

We knew that we needed to make an active gear placer. A passive mechanism not only slowed us down in terms of gear delivery but also did not securely put the gear onto the peg. Additionally, driving back and forth on the game field took us longer than it should have. We plan on spending the following week, Week 3 of Competition, improving our drive code, the gear placement mechanism, and improving overall strategy.

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Team members and I talked to Woodie Flowers about inspiring others and using gracious professionalism in a work environment!

Urjita Das


Urjita Das • 2017-04-01

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