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(September 23rd) Battle of Baltimore

On September 23, 2017, Team 449 gathered at the McDonogh School in Maryland to compete in the Battle of Baltimore robotics competition. With the setup of our dear robot Calcifer in the pit on Friday evening, we were ready to do our best on Saturday morning! We started off the battle by winning our first…

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(September 16th) GirlPOWER

On September 16, 2017, at Mount Saint Joseph Academy in Flourtown, PA, Team 449 captained the winning alliance at the 8th annual GirlPOWER offseason competition! GirlPOWER is an event organized by Team 433, The Firebirds, as a way to encourage the participation of girls in FIRST competitions. The Blair Robot Project assembled an all-girls team…

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(September 24th) KIDFest Maker Faire

On September 24, 2017, The Blair Robot Project took our robot, Calcifer, to the KIDFest Maker Faire to demonstrate what we created over the past year. KIDFest Maker Faire, hosted by Kid Museum and held in the Silver Spring Civic Building, is a convention full of different types of inventors, from artisans to hackers. Each…

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(April 29th): World Championships

World Championships Nothing was as big as a challenge as competing against 68 of the most incredible robots across the globe. This was the team’s second time attending Worlds. However, we saw it as our first time, because so much had changed since 2004. The game was more articulate, the attending teams had improved, the…

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(April 8th): Chesapeake District Championship FINALISTS

I never thought I could experience such a roller coaster of emotions within a 24 hour time period. I can’t really explain it. I guess I’ll just have to relive it and you’ll see. Wednesday The journey started out pretty uneventful. I was part of the 5:00 pm group that loaded in. It was nice…

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(March 25th): FINALISTS at the Central MD District Event

WE ARE FINALISTS! This has been our first time since 2004! March 25th and March 26th were the dates of our second District Event, located in Edgewater, Maryland at South River High School. Our performance on the field on the first day was fantastic. We ended the day ranked 14, with a 4-3-1, win-loss-tie score….

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(March 19th): Greater DC District Event

On March 11th and 12th, the team had their first district event. The Week 2 Greater DC Event was held at Walt Whitman High School. This was the second year in a row that the team had been in attendance and the first time that the team met Woodie Flowers in person! Woodie Flowers was…

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(February 1st): Fast Progress!

Our goal is to have a fully functional 2017 robot with gear handler and climber by the end of Thursday, February 2. Before we started the work week, we listed a few deliverables. Deliverables are our way of setting achievable, detailed goals. Our functional robot by the end of Thursday should have a camera feed with…

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(January 31st): Maryland Space Business Roundtable

For their third year in a row, The Blair Robot Project has presented at the Maryland Space Business Roundtable. The company invites the team every year to present in front of a series of representatives and share their achievements over the past year. The team requested an additional $500.00 from MSBR to cover increasing building…

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(January 29th): Mid-Season Update

We are on track to have a completely functional robot for our primary strategies (gear handling, climbing) before the end of week 4 AND are, in parallel, constructing a shooting system to be added to the robot by the beginning of week 6 (1.5 weeks before bagging the robot).     At the halfway point…

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