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Week 3 (January 22nd-28th): Sailing through the Season

Week 3 of build season encompasses finalizing and testing the trial units that were designed and prototyped in week 2. The strategy that was determined at the beginning of week 1 was to have a robot that could do it all: gear placing, climbing, and shooting. As a result, the room is buzzing with the…

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Week 2 (January 15th – 21st): Finally Machining!

Week 2 of build season is all about refining the trial units designed in week 1.  Trial units, or prototypes, are generally really rough creations of the final mechanism. They are constructed from polycarbonate, plywood, duct tape, and old parts. Although they’re rough creations, they should operate closely to the real thing! The drive team…

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Week 1 (January 8th-13th): Designing! Dimension-ing! And CAD-ing!

Welcome to week 1 of build season! Week 1 can be both challenging and exciting. Generally, the first week of build season consists of pure brainstorming. All the whiteboards in the build space have been covered with geometry and robot design. There are crumpled paper balls in the waste bin and pencils dull to the…

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2017 FRC Steamworks Kickoff

Starting two hours late because of the first snow of the year, Team 449 gathered in Montgomery Blair’s auditorium to watch the game reveal. Students were incredibly excited after months of anticipation, and freshmen were looking forward to their first build season. Students took a quick team picture and went right to work. Design Teams…

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Here’s a copy of the unencrypted game manual, for convenience. Link

Staying Trendy: Mannequin Challenge 2016

On November 11th, 2016 the entire Blair Robotics team hit the pause button for a moment to participate in the #mannequinchallenge. This trend features people frozen in place in various humorous poses. Each subteam created their own segment displaying their tools and/or activities, along with a few other more amusing interactions. The event was fun…

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Team 449 Reaches Finals; IROC 2016

On October 22nd 2016, the Blair Robot Project participated in the ILITE Robotics Off-Season Challenge (IROC) from 6:30 AM – 6:00 PM. Twenty-one veterans and five freshmen made the long drive to Virginia to support our team. ROUS went through some rough spots, with the ball intake and communications both failing multiple times. However, other…

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Team 449 joins the Makers of Silver Spring; Maker Faire 2016

The Blair Robot Project attended Maker Faire Silver Spring, an exhibition of Makers and what they have created in the past year. The team was set up in the pavilion area on September 25, 2016, alongside FTC teams, RM’d and Dangerous and Wizards.exe, and some other robotics/technology clubs from 12-5 pm. People of all ages…

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Robotics Program in India; Manzil 2016

From July 19th to August 10th members of The Blair Robot Project were in New Delhi, India to participate in a program called Manzil. Manzil is a non-profit organization that provides a community and resources for local youth from low-income backgrounds to learn. Our members held their own robotics course for students ages 8 and…

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Blair Robotics Inspiring Cub Scouts; CSDC 2016

Students from The Blair Robot Project attended the Potomac District Cub Scout Day Camp (CSDC) on Thursday, July 28th from 9:45 am – 3:00 pm. Each of the five sessions had three components. Cub scouts first got to discover how the things they love, such as video gaming and building, were all related to engineering….

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