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(September 23rd) Battle of Baltimore

On September 23, 2017, Team 449 gathered at the McDonogh School in Maryland to compete in the Battle of Baltimore robotics competition.

With the setup of our dear robot Calcifer in the pit on Friday evening, we were ready to do our best on Saturday morning! We started off the battle by winning our first two qualification rounds. Round two went especially well, with speedy maneuvers and a perfect climb. However, we were bogged down in the third, fourth, and fifth matches, and lost our win streak.

At the end of the qualification matches, we dropped in ranks from number five to number nineteenth, by points per match. When the time for alliances came around, we were chosen by Teams 686, the Bovine Intervention, and 4505, the home team of McDonogh Robotics.

After the last qualification round, our active gear handler didn’t seem to be responding! The pit team worked frantically to repair the activating solenoid – it seems that the wire has given out after an entire season (and more) of service. In the end, the pit team got Calcifer’s active gear handler up and running again. Go pit team!

Then came our elimination matches. We won our first match with an extra climb! Our second match was well played, with two rotors activated during the auto period, but ultimately, it was a victory for the other alliance. After a suspenseful but fun dance break, the opposing alliance snagged the third match.

Our Team 449 bows out with our heads held high in the quarterfinals, playing better in the elimination rounds than in the qualification ones. We demonstrated some stellar driving, and great perseverance. Good job, Blair Robot Project!

Victoria Xin • 2017-10-29

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