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Team 449 joins the Makers of Silver Spring; Maker Faire 2016

ROUS in action in front of the Maker Fair Crowd.

ROUS in action in front of the Maker Faire Crowd.

The Blair Robot Project attended Maker Faire Silver Spring, an exhibition of Makers and what they have created in the past year. The team was set up in the pavilion area on September 25, 2016, alongside FTC teams, RM’d and Dangerous and Wizards.exe, and some other robotics/technology clubs from 12-5 pm. People of all ages circulated the exhibits and saw ROUS in action. Throughout the day, people who visited could drive the robot when it was enabled and watch as it traveled over the rough terrain defense. Children and parents came by to ask about how robotics works and how to begin clubs at their own schools and communities. The robot was disabled later on to allow for people to see it up close and understand how the robot worked. Children came by and asked many engaging questions about the robot, such as what it was made out of and how they could create something as complex as ROUS. It was clear to see that the team had inspired many young makers to go on and perhaps be future members of a robotics team.

Those who were not working at the booth went out to contact sponsors and organizations. Building strong connections with local groups can build the network that the team has for support in later years. The representatives from large companies were happy seeing young people in STEM fields. Schools and clubs wanted the team to visit in the near future to inspire even more children and young adults to pursue their interest in engineering, as well as to meet people with common goals and ideas. The event was a success for our team as we were able to spread the ideals of STEM in our community, as well as build a stronger connection to organizations in the Silver Spring area.

-Alice V.

Urjita Das • 2016-09-27

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