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Week 5 (February 3 – 9): Racing Toward the Finish Line

During the week, the drive subteam discovered a couple of problems with the current drive and began preparations to fix them. In addition, team members continued to work on the creation of other mechanisms and creation of robot blocks in order to make competitions easier. The new gearboxes for the second version of drive were assembled, and the chassis was riveted together in order to speed up the creation of the second robot.

The programming subteam continued to work on the post-match analysis scripts and arUco detection, both of which made big advances. The post-match analysis version one was completed, with an easy-to-use log viewer and some frictional loss detection. Version 2, which is still in development, adds resistance detection, allowing us to find electronic faults before they cost the team a match. The arUco team got the sample arUco code working and have moved on to modifying it for team purposes. In addition, two programmers have started training a neural net to detect power cubes, which would allow for automated cube pickup. The subteam also finished the code and set up the controls for the final robot, including an autonomous command that lets the robot go between any two places on the field, hitting any number of other points along the way, in real time and in response to sensors on the robot.

After completing the board for the practice drive, the electronics subteam began working on the electronics board for the final drive and wiring sensors for the practice drive. They CADed and 3D printed mountings for the new IR sensors, the Hall Effect sensors, the navX, the Jetson, and its voltage regulator. Unfortunately, at the end of the week, after the second iteration of elevator was done, its belts intersected with the electronics board positioned on the inside of the elevator. As a result, the electronics subteam had to rush to design and wire an entirely new board that was only on the outside of the elevator. They got a substantial amount of work done on it in the last two days of the weekend and mounted it at the very end of the weekend.

The elevator subgroup finished iteration 2 on the weekend and mounted it to the robot, but they had to stop all work on iteration 1 to be able to have a complete system. The intake group finished the intake and carriage and mounted both to the elevator and the robot. Some things still need to be done with piston mounting and geometry, as well as the ugly bar that stops intaking one position. The launchpad group finished assembling one of the two launchpads and attached it to the robot, but they need to finish and attach the second one. A new winch design was made to save weight.

Over the past week, PR submitted the Chairman’s and Entrepreneurship award essays. The subteam is currently finishing up the Chairman’s video and presentation portions of both essays. A build season update to alumni is currently being drafted and will be sent out at the end of February. The PR subteam is also working on revamping the team’s promotional materials to suit their new brand standards, creating competition binders, and organizing for outreach events in March and April. PR members look forward to presenting award submissions at the team’s two district events.

Laura Espinoza • 2018-02-15

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