The Blair Robot Project

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We are FIRST Team 449, better known as the Blair Robot Project.

Our mission is to solve complex problems in a collaborative environment in order to promote personal and intellectual growth while building and competing successfully with a well-designed and fabricated robot. Through our activities, we encourage the youth to pursue degrees and careers in STEM.

The Blair Robot Project had been working vigorously to train new members for build season, refine old skills, and complete several different projects. Mechanics, CAD (Computer Aided Design), and Programming have been collaborating on a turreted high shooter that can shoot from different locations with precision. The skills and experience gained form this project are helping us develop this year’s robot. Additionally, we recruited a few new mentors to guide us with their experience in engineering and public relations. Through their supervision and support, we have been continuously gaining new knowledge and perfecting our robot. Our team has recently participated in the IROC competition, making it to the final round. There also have been several completed outreach events such as the Manzil project, KID Museum, CSDS, and Maker Faire.

We appreciate any and all forms of donations. All FRC teams are required to fund raise for their budget. Your generous contributions enable Team 449 to fulfill our mission to create a safe and enthusiastic learning environment in which students can work together alongside professionals, inspire interest in STEM, provide opportunities for leadership development, and participate in FRC competitions. If you are interested in becoming a team sponsor, please contact Edgard Bertaut at For information about sponsorship levels please visit our sponsorship levels page or contact Noemi Kedei at for additional information. Any amount of contribution will help our team achieve its goals, so if you are unable to sponsor our team but wish to donate a monetary contribution under $500, please use the Paypal link located in the website’s site bar under Links, but note that all online donations will incur a 2.2% + $0.30 fee. Those wishing to donate anonymously should notify us and make out a check to The Montgomery Blair High School Magnet Foundation and send it to:

MBHS Magnet Foundation, Inc.
15012 Butterchurn Lane
Colesville, MD, 20905


In addition to donations, we are currently looking for mentors in the following areas: mechanical engineering, structural analysis, FIRST robotics programming, CAD, embedded software, machining, and more. Each year our team improves as learns new skills with the guidance of our mentors. We greatly appreciate the time and effort each one puts into our team. If interested in mentoring our team, please contact Edgard Bertaut at

Finally, the active repository for our 2017 robot code can be found here. In addition, here is the organization.