On June 24th, we held our end-of-year party! We celebrated with food, gifts, and games, and presented senior posters to our seniors following tradition. Congratulations Sean, Shivani, Elizabeth, Maggie, Andrew, Eliza, Travis, Aditya, Alex, Teddy, Yaphet, Arnav, and Sam!

On September 15th, FRC Team 449 hosted our Bunnybot's kickoff! We went through the game manual, brainstormed designs, and discussed strategy.

On September 11th, FRC Team 449 volunteered at the local Takoma Park Folk Festival. They helped organize activities, run things smoothly, and made sure the fair people enjoyed the fair! !

On September 10th, FRC Team 449 hosted our First FLL team's build meeting! We started building EV3s, learned how to program them, completed an exciting build challenge, and talked about our research project!

On August 6th, FRC Team 449 hosted our FLL team's kickoff! We went through expectations, the game, and had a fun challenge for the students!

We had our first FRC meeting today! We are so excited to welcome new members to our team. We gave a brief presentation about our team; we also split into subteams to get students excited about robotics and joining the team!

Hey everyone. This summer, we decided to pursue swerve drive to up our competitive potential for the coming year. So far, we've built a test frame for our programmers to work with, but we plan on fielding our swerve at Bunnybots 2022. Stay tuned for updates!