• Made new wooden side plates for the hatch mechanism.
  • Drilled holes in and mounted the new slides to the robot superstructure.
  • Mounted the hatch mechanism to the robot.
  • Programming worked on the leg motion profiles and on the limelight's correction for angular approach.
  • More leg testing! We are giving up on using characterized velocity PID control and are going to try to use motion profiles instead.
  • Started preparing the new linear slides.
  • Finished assembling hatch mech with new limelight mount and ziptied it to the robot to estimate the balance for leg testing.
  • Mounted the cargo mechanism.
  • Weighed the robot at 124 lbs, 14 oz.
  • Did theoretical characterization of legs
  • Had lots of issues
  • Finished spraypainting new limelight backboard (hatch mech group is still waiting on new sliders)
  • Finished assembling cargo mechanism. Looks good!
  • Cargo mechanism assembly started
  • New hatch mechanism backplate machined and spraypainted while we wait for new sliders to come in.
  • Tested the elevators and had issues with tipping. Programming will work on fixing this.
  • Tested limelight auto-align
  • Designed new limelight mounting plate
  • Added leg motor+brake bar
  • Routed leg belts
  • Fabricated some more of cargo mechanism
  • got jackets
  • added wheels to legs
  • mounted legs to robot
  • tested balance - doesn't tip
  • programming tested limelight
  • mounted limelight to hatch mechanism

No meeting, early release from school.

Still CADed the cargo mechanism, though!

On Tuesday, we continued to prototype, but ran into a very similar problem with stab hatch as we did with grab hatch: lack of materials. However, the project lead didn't give up, and instead pursued other designs, including what he decided to nickname "flower." The mechanism was designed to go into...

During our first official meeting of the building season... we didn't fully build anything.

For the majority of the meeting, we worked on designing and starting to machine various mechanisms. Our two hatch groups split off and created preliminary designs for their mechanisms.

Grab hatch began...

Kickoff is always one of the best parts of the season. It's a time where we all come together, and a lot of alumni come home to visit. It's a time where all the build up is finally given a result, and where everyone comes together in a whirlwind of conversation, hugs, and confusion.

With the 2019...